How Can I Use CEWAC?

CEWAC Rubric

The Civically Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum is a rubric for assessing youth writing about civic issues intended for a public audience. The rubric defines four attributes: Employs a Public Voice, Advocates Civic Engagement or Action, Argues a Position Based on Reasoning and Evidence, and Employs a Structure to Support a Position. Each attribute can be scored on a four-point scale. Learn More ›

Anchor Papers and Annotations

Anchor papers play an important role in establishing the standards implied by any rubric’s language. Commentary is designed to help scorers understand why a particular score is assigned for each attribute. We include two sets of anchor papers and commentary focused on different types of public writing: public letters (Letters to the Next President) and petitions (Oakland Unified School District project). These sets include examples of student writing that illustrate all four points on the CEWAC rubric. Learn More ›

Using CEWAC to Teach Civic Writing

We are developing a growing list of resources to support CEWAC’s use in the classroom. Learn More ›

What Does High-Quality Civic Writing Look Like?