Using CEWAC to Teach Civic Writing

Our initial development processes focused on developing CEWAC for the purposes of scoring. We are beginning to develop processes for how to use CEWAC with students. Watch this page for new resources coming in Summer and Fall 2018.

  • Engaging Youth in Civic Action Through Writing In this Teaching Channel blog post, Linda Friedrich and Stan Pesick provide a brief overview of the CEWAC rubric. It is part of a larger collection of resources for assessing youths’ civic learning.
  • Crafting Public Response with CEWAC As part of the National Writing Project’s Writing Our Future initiative, this resource for the American Creed youth publishing platform outlines how teachers and students can use CEWAC to support youth in crafting writing for public audiences.
  • What is Your American Creed? A Playlist for Youth Also part of Writing Our Future: American Creed, this resource supports youth in earning a badge by demonstrating that they have mastered the attributes outlined in the CEWAC rubric.

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